Clowns, tricks, magic, sparkles, acrobats, colour and fun. Thats what comes to my mind when I think of this travelling, pop-up big tent with its crew. Its becoming rare, and it is changing its formula. Everyone at least once in their childhood has been to a circus and keeps these memories. I remember Russian circus arriving into our little town in Western Poland (still in communistic times). It was beautiful and exotic. Fascinating for little child like I was.

Circus was a context of my illustrations for a book called ‘Violet’s Special Act’ written by Amber L. Jackson. I dusted off my memories and dived into the world of this magic place, to tell a story of a little elephant, who needs to overcome its fears and fulfil its dreams. He simply wants to become an acrobat, but not many people believe it can happen. But are not our dreams stronger than anything?

Let me present you the vintage, magical world of Violet’s circus, where dreams can be fulfiled if you really want it.


















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