I love lullabies. and I like pirate’s stories. Who doesn’t? I am a lucky girl who currently works on a book that has them both. Lullaby with Pirates in action. Or rather one little, rowdy pirate girl who can’t fall asleep!

This book is still work in progress and has long way to go yet in my illustrations, but I would like to share here some of it. The illustrations here will most probably not be included in the book – they are more on a reserach stage.

I wanted my illustrations to be far from computer work. I decided to go back to traditional techniques. I use mainly acrylic paints, crayons, markers. I paint on plywood, sometimes on paper or cardboard. Scissors are my friends too, as there is a lot of cut-outs and collage making.

The mood is quite dark as the night is approaching in the story, and the colours reflect the sea, ocean theme. Big palette of blues, greens and whatever else comes close to it.

The story is written by Darcy Pattison and will be published by Mims House next year.

Here are my illustrations:

lullaby 5

lullaby 8

lullaby 3

lullaby 1

lullaby 2

lullaby 6

lullaby 4

While I was working on pirates and my characters, this happened: pull string puppet 🙂





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