I was always fascinated by pop-up books. I remember them from my childhood. I was truly enchanted by the three dimention world of ‘Sleeping Beauty’, ‘Gold locks and three bears’, Snow White’ and other books created mainly by Wojciech Kubasta. I recently came back to this stories to rediscover what attracted me to these books so much. I loved not only how all the cuts and trims work, but also how everything is thought through and combined to put in place text, image elements to make the book have its full effect.

The idea for my first pop-up  book was simple on the story side. I paired up with Agnieszka Borowiecka, children stories writer, with whom I worked in the past. Initially. Agnieszka wrote short rhymes, poems about forest animals to teach children about them: their habits, life, environment etc. Poems are smart and funny. The title that we chose is: ‘Zwierz, co jesz?” (What are you eating, animal?)

I on the other hand decided to work on this new medium for me, which is pop-up book. I chose this way of introducing little stories to kids as I find pop-ups captivating, intriguing, engaging, plus, there are no such books in Poland these days.

The link between text and image is simple. Image of an animal – and poem at the bottom of a page. There is no interaction as such. It is quite static, but there is pop-up to bring it up and make it live. I chose to make three illustrations plus cover, but there are poems about 8 different animals. Pop-up books usually consist of 8 pages and this is technical trick and requirement. So I decided to stick to the rules and make this book possible to create in production process.

Here is my two dimentional work:





And these are results of my tricks with knifes, scissors and hours of testing:









This book hasn’t been published, it was created for competition ‘Jasnowidze 2015’.

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