Freetown is the first place I am drawing for this super fun website; They Draw & Travel. As a travelling illustrator how could I not contribute?
Freetown, where I spent 3 years of my life, is a special place for me. The illustration here might be a little idealistic, but thats how I remember it now, full of colour, beautiful nature and landscapes. Women vendors with huge baskets on their heads, dressed in most colourful and vibrant dresses, stunning white sand beaches, blue skies (with eagles swirling high above your head). Banana and mango trees growing everywhere. My special place, Tacugama – rehabilitation centre for chimpanzees rescued from captivity, where I used to volunteer as a graphic designer.
There are many things I didn’t fit onto my illustration – crazy busy streets of the city centre, poda-podas (mini bus taxis) and okadas (motorcycle taxis), poor shantytown houses built from corrugated iron. But maybe I’ll do a second version with a different perspective, for now here it is: my Freetown. Capital of Sierra Leone in West Africa.

freetown small



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