This is my new blog which I am very happy and excited about. I will be showing here my illustrations. I will start with posting some older pieces just to introduce my work. I will be also showing and writing about things that I am working on, about my inspirations, struggles, competitions I am taking part in… and everything else that will come to my mind concerning illustration. So I am happy to welcome you here!

I will start with illustrations I created for old and well know story of ‘Hansel and Gretel’, which I have done for competition. I didn’t win, but a publisher from US – Mims House contacted me and purchased one of the illustrations for book cover – “Saucy and Bubba” – modern adaptation of Grimms Brothers story.

(This contact led to more exciting projects about which I will be writing soon!)

My illustrations here are done in mixed media/collage technique, with reach textures, which I love and balanced colours. There are two worlds here. Dark and sinister, and light full of hope. Just like in the story 🙂









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